Early Bird Specials CALL TO SIGN UP 303 990 9177
Two Months for the Almost the Price of One!


PRIME WALLS                          3’ x 7’ x 8’ high                  $650  Special $450
PRIME INTERIOR             3’ x 7’ x 5’ high           $600 Special $400
JEWELRY TABLES                   3’ x 6’ provided                  $600 Special  $400
STANDARD INTERIOR             2’ x 6’ x 5’ high /Table        $500 Special  $250

For Standard Special, Vendor brings own 2’ x 6’ table and approved table cloth fitted to floor. This is what we need. White from Amazon. $15.99. Buy HERE. You may also use the space without a table. Clothes Wracks, Shelves etc. But you must fit in a 2’ x 6’ area.
Need more room? Buy two adjoining spaces. Make a 4’ x 6’ 0r 2’ x 12’ etc.
Plus a 30% Commission from all vendors.

This is the cost for 2 MONTHS! The Entire Show.
This is a very Limited Offer! Price will go up each week.

Vendors set their own prices.
Venders Set Payment Schedule Yourself!
Once a month FREE!
Every two weeks $5 per payment.
Once a week $5 per payment.

Plus you can go online and see what is being sold daily!

We Sell, Restock, Ship, Pay Credit Card Fees and More.
Everything you would normally do at one of your shows.
12 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
The Best Thing is you don’t have to be there!
But you can... Anytime! 
Hand made by the artist.
Some exceptions may be made for certain items.

Please call to sign up over the phone. 303 990-9177

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